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Hey beauties, my name is Chené Wiese and I’m a make up addict! I’m sure many girls and boys can relate to this statement right here.....Welcome to The Beauty Edit.


Getting my degree in Public Relations and working in the corporate world for a while, I knew I couldn’t sit and work a 9-5 job, thus I found my true love and passion in life..... make up! 


Owner and founder of Chené Wiese Professional Make Up Artistry, I am a pro MUA from Pretoria. This year I decided to stretch my business more by creating a blog, where I can share my thoughts and opinions about the latest make up products, what’s new in the beauty world, what works and what doesn’t. So if you love make up, beauty and just love playing around with different products and make up, then go and give this a read and leave your comments at the bottom!


Make up chose me

Growing up dancing  and being a professional dancer for most of my life, I was always interested in make up and what magic it created. Turning you into a beautiful ballerina or a fiery dance character you had to portray on stage. Make up WAS and IS something I love to apply and play around with, because at the end of the day it does come off! 


My husband, David is a Professional Cricketer, so we are always traveling somewhere or on the go and I wanted to start a business (as I can never sit still) where I can be flexible with traveling but still do something I love. Sitting on YouTube one day, a make up video popped up onto my home page... I opened it up and was immediately taken by this world of color! What a moment of impact I had right there, knowing not only is this what I want to do, but also how I want to make people feel.... thus make up chose me!


Creating magic for a client and to see their happy faces afterwards is something so priceless that I can never tire of. I can really say that I LOVE WHAT I DO! Meeting new people and bringing their vision to life makes my heart full.

About The Beauty Edit

The Beauty Edit features all the latest make up products in the beauty world. What is worth your moola and which products are not. I will give my 100% honest opinion on all Make Up goodies that I review here, as I believe in giving my readers the best result possible. Reviewing products and sharing my opinion on specific things that I really enjoy, not only as a make up artist but as a consumer at the end of the day.

If you have any recommendations or something you would like to see on the blog or see featured, please leave a comment in the comment section.

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