Bperfect x Stacie Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette.

Carnival XL Pro palette

Introducing the BIG DADDY of eyeshadow palettes... The Carnival XL Pro palette by Bperfect and well known professional make up artist Stacie Marie. Highly anticipated make up product of 2019, this palette has been tried and tested by many. Let's get into it till we?!

First of all this eyeshadow palette is HUGE, consisting of 30 vibrant matte shades, 10 high pigmented shimmers plus 3 highlighters / shimmers in the palette. This palette is the bigger, badder version of the original one that they brought out last year.

The quality of this palette is still one of the bests that I have come across and will push you to create looks and get out of your "make up comfort zone" for sure!

Another thing I really like about this palette is the sturdy packaging, like a hard cardboard flip open lid box with a big mirror in it = winning for me, because I love a eyeshadow palette that you can actually do your make up properly in. Then we have all 40 shades / colours in the palette PLUS your 3 highlighters on the left hand side of the palette. So in total you are getting 43 shades and colours to play around with, which is really not a bad thing!!

From your natural and smokey eye looks you can create, to playing with all the reds, yellows, pinks, blues, purples, oranges and greens in this palette! There is really no limit to this baby.

There is something for everyone in this palette. If you are a beginner or a pro MUA, this palette and shadows are easy to blend out, with minimal fallout on the face. I've always been a fan of the formula of the shadows and how creamy and buttery they are, especially when you want to create certain looks and be creative in the process. The names of every single eyeshadow is also on then packaging, so you can go back and see what shades you used exactly for what looks and so on.

Stacie Marie along with Bperfect cosmetics has really created a beautiful palette that ANYONE can use and use WELL. There is no struggling with this palette and you can create just about any look you want - from a day time natural look to a smokey eye look to a super duper colourful peacock look.... there is really no limit to what you can create. I absolutely LOVE mine and if you want something that will last you a lifetime, then this palette is for you.

I really hope that this review has helped you a bit with what I have experienced with this palette and how I've tested and tried this for my fellow beauties.

I purchased mine from at Shop Betty online for R1400.00


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