Drugstore finds that I'm loving!!

Catrice Foundation & Essence Duo Palette

I am so so EXCITED to share some beautiful make up products that I've discovered and recently been loving! Especially been enjoying these two products that you can purchase at any Dichem pharmacy. You can thank me later :)

Ok so first thing is first. We all love a good make up product that A] works really well and will last a long time and B] won't break the bank account either. So you really do want to watch where you are spending your money and on what products, because hunny it's an expensive hobby to have. Let's dive into these two products that you see in the picture above.

The Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation - so this foundation I was skeptical about as I really never purchase much Catrice products, but I've watched a few videos on what other influencers thought and I was intrigued. I decided to test and try it out and..... WOW!!! This has to be one of the best drugstore foundations I have ever USED!! I was so shocked and surprised by the outcome of this product.

Full coverage foundation that really lasts a long time on the skin - I would say this foundation will work well with oily skin as well, as its a matte foundation that dries down completely. It has a dropper application which wont mess / spill anywhere. I would highly recommend this foundation if you don't want to break the bank and you want great quality.

What I love about these products are that they actually work! There is no gimmick or catch to it! They genuinely work and are super affordable.

The Essence Contouring Duo Palette - consisting of two different colours for contouring the face, this little palette packs a punch! I would say this palette is suitable for medium to darker skin tones, but can be used for lighter skin tones... just go in a light hand when applying to the face.

This duo palette does not come off as muddy or grey on the skin, but rather blends out beautifully, giving you that chiselled look that we all want on our skin. You have one lighter shade and one darker, so depending on your looks for day/ night time, you can decided which colour or shade you want to apply. Buttery formula that doesn't look chalky but rather like a high end product application. What I do is actually combine the two on my skin, so blending it out seamlessly so that I get the best of both worlds = winning!!!

I would highly recommend this product to any beginner wanting to play with make up or ion you want to add a duo palette to your collection, then this is a winner!

Like I said before, both these products can be purchased at Dichem pharmacies.

The foundation retails for R146.95

The duo platte retails for R76.95


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