Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette

Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, how are ya??

Introducing the very HYPED up Jeffree Star Jawbreaker palette. This is the first time I'm testing and trying out any products from this brand, as I've been a bit skeptical over this controversial Youtube mega star and what he brings to the beauty industry.

I think many of us know by now who Jeffree Star is and what he has achieved in this industry. So I've been very intrigued by his cosmetics brand and how these products actually work and IF they work well for the everyday consumer or make up artist out there. All in all, I decided to purchase the Jawbreaker Palette and test it out for myself.

Consisting of 24 very colourful shades in this massive palette with a MASSIVE mirror { which I love in a palette } this is Jeffree's biggest palette he has created to date. What a rainbow of a colour story, with the pigmentation and formulation exactly the same as all his previous palettes he has created before. Pressed pigments in the palette, there are blendable mattes, shimmers and some silky metallics.

I must say the packaging is very pleasing to the eye, so you the consumer are drawn to it immediately. I will say that if you love colour and can blend out colours well, then this palette is for you. If you are a beginner, I think you might struggle with the colour scheme and become a bit overwhelmed by all of it, because it is so pigmented and not your everyday colours.

Like I said, I've been testing and trying out this palette for the last couple of weeks and the colour payment is really good. You do get BANG for your BUCK if I can state it like that!

There is a bit of fall out and kickback in the pan, but that is generally common when it comes to colourful eyeshadows or when you are blending them out. You don't need a lot of product once you pick it up on your brush, because a little goes a long way with this eyeshadow palette. I've seen some beautiful looks on Instagram created by make up artists using this palette and it really goes to show you, you can create anything you want with any type of palette.

Whether you love Jeffree Star or not, there is no denying that he can create anything he puts his mind to and people will go crazy for it!! He really has some great products out there and I actually enjoyed this palette of his, especially creating some creative looks for my followers!

I purchased mine from the Beauty Bay Online shop in the UK:

54 pounds = R947


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