MAC lipsticks - you can't go wrong!

MAC lipsticks

In some way we have all tried at least in our life time ( or make up life time )a lipstick from MAC cosmetics. I remember MAC being one of the best brands out there, even in todays times, with some of the best formulas for lipsticks. Being a matte lipstick or a creme shine lipstick... that sweet vanilla smell and crisp edge to a MAC lipstick is HEAVEN!

Being a pro MUA, I only use MAC lipsticks on my clients as I know it's a brand I can not only trust, but rely on as well. I love using Velvet Teddy matte lippie on my brides, as this lipstick is so suited for every skin tone out there and its beautiful soft mauve / nude pink colour is so stunning!

Some of my latest colours I am loving from the MAC collection are Kinda Sexy and Cosmo. Both these lipsticks are of the pink and nude colour family and glides onto the lips so smoothly. Even though Kinda Sexy is a matte lipstick, I don't feel it on my lips during the day and it certainly doesn't crumble on the lips at all! Cosmo has a little bit of a creme feel to it, which smooths out the colour on the lips and brings that nude / pink colour to life on your lips.

MAC has recently introduced the Powder Kiss lipstick range, which delivers a romantic blur of soft focus colour to the lips. This is a moisture coated powder pigment that conditions the lips and gives the lips a sense weightlessness.

I am loving the colours My Tweedy and Mull It Over, as these are my everyday shades that I can just pop onto the lips and go about my day. Really loving these new formulas that MAC have come out with!

Like I said, the new formulas for these matte lipsticks is something I haven't seen before and I'm so happy MAC has decided to "up" their game by introducing us to this new world of lipsticks that we never had. These lipsticks provide immediate and long term hydration on the lips. It also blurs the lines and smoothes the lips. Super lightweight on the lips like I said before, with almost like a balm feeling to it.

I would highly recommend a lipstick like this, as I know some mattes can be drying on the lips. So if you are afraid of the dryness on your lips, or just want something that will last throughout your day then try these Powder Kiss lipsticks. You can thank me later :)

I purchased mine from MAC Cosmetics:

Retailing for R250.00 each


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