Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette VOL 2.

Volume 2 Palette

Palettes, palettes and MORE palettes. It seems to be the "in thing " lately for beauty companies to bring out in 2020. Its always nice to see different colour schemes that come out in the industry and what palettes work and don't work. Let's chat about this beauty from Morphe in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill.

The Morphe x Jaclyn palette, is the second palette that they have collaborated on, as the first one was such a HUGE success, it makes sense to do another one. This palette consists of 35 vivid shades of colour to help you live and do your best life!.

It's definitely a palette that screams "HELLOOOO LOOK AT ME " which I love! If you love playing with colour then this one is for you. Its also a palette that catches the eye immediately, which I think Moprhe has done really well with all their palettes that they bring out.

If you are more a neutral girl and like more brown undertones and cool colours, then I would not recommend this one...pass girl! Consisting of satins, mattes and shimmery shades, I feel like you don't need this palette, but if you like collecting make up palettes, then by all means go for it.

Richly pigmented, this palette is super blend-able and easy to use from a pro to a beginner! Its not a "must have", but its a "nice to have palette."

I feel like this palette is worth the money, but you can also have a look in your make up stash and come up with the same exact shades. I'm really feeling the pinks and purples in this palette as these are the colours that stand out for me the most. Also the metallic/shimmer shades are gorgeous that can be worn alone on the eye or used in any cut crease look.

Is this a palette that you really need? I would say no, just cause there are so many other palettes and single shade eyeshadows that you can create on youth own that will look exactly like this one. Is it a palette that you want? YES of course, especially a palette junkie like me!

I purchased my palette from The Beatique at the Beauty Revolution Festival that was held in March.


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