NYX Swear by it eyeshadow palette

Ok....soooo I’m obsessed with a good eyeshadow palette ( or just eyeshadow palettes in general) but I’ve been eyeing this palette for a while now and when it finally came to SA I just had to grab it and test it out.

Consisting of 40... yes you heard right, 40 pans of rainbow colours!!! I mean what is better than getting bang for your buck?? There are beautiful matte and shimmers shades in this palette to create any look you want / feel that you want to achieve.

These eyeshadow colours, range from your mauve/berry colours, to your more browny everyday looks and then you have a bunch of gorgeous yellow, orange, blue and green colours which you can do absolutely ANYTHING with.

What I also really like about this palette, although it’s plastic, there is a button in the front of the palette that you click to pop the lid open. So you know your palette is secure when it’s closed and can’t get damaged. 

If you are a pro MUA, I would suggest you get this palette, just because you can do so much with it and thus save you a lot of time packing different eyeshadow palettes in your kit when you have one that can do it all.

From your bridal looks, to matric dances and event make up - this palette does it all

Retailing for R399.95 at the NYX store.

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