Primers...friend or foe??


Before I got into make up properly, I never in a million years thought I needed a primer before applying my foundation. I just applied my moisturiser and then applied my foundation and WHAM I'm done and I can carry on with life.

Boy, was I mistaken!!! I eventually found out that you do need to apply a good primer before you apply your foundation. Let's get into it shall we?

So the MAIN job/objective of a primer is to minimise your pores and fine wrinkles on the skin and to blur out any imperfections before you apply your foundation. Think of it like a good base before applying all your make up on top of this. The primer is going to set you up before tackling the rest of your make up routine. A primer is your friend, so think of it like that. It's there to help you,

A good primer is key!! Try and go for a primer that suits your type of skin tone - if you have an oily skin, then a matte primer is the best for you and so on.

There are so many primers out there that really works well for any skin type or different textured skins. The primers in the above picture is just some of my favourite primers that work on either oily or combination skin types. These primers range from drugstore to higher end primers. I must say the drug store primers are really upping their game when it comes to primers - so if you are on a budget, go and try one of the Maybelline or Make Up revolution primers out! They are all GREAT!

Choosing the correct primer for your skin is KEY! This can make or break your whole make up routine. For example if you have an oily skin type and you go for a oil based primer, nothing will stick to your skin as you are applying oil on oil and eventually everything will slip and slide on your face and you will end up like one giant oil ball = NOBODY wants that!!!

I really love the Milk make up primer - Hydro primer. This primer lasts ALL day long and sticks to the skin which makes applying foundation such an easy job, and I know nothing will budge the whole day long. Also the baby bliss primer from Maybelline is a gem as well - its a silicon based primer that is great for oily skin and will give you that matte effect.

Then you get primers like the Laura Mercier, that illuminates the skin. So it's basically a two in one primer that primes the skin and gives the skin a healthy glow, which we all want at the end of the day! A primer is definitely a necessity in my books! Without a primer your make up just won't last as long and you will start feeling your make up flaking off or completely running down your face - so my best advice is to invest in a good primer that you know will work for you and that you feel comfortable with!

Primers are defiantly a friend - if you don't apply a primer then that is your business. But don't we all want to up our make up game just a little bit??!! Consider it, I promise you, you will not regret it!


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