Primers, primers and some more primers!

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional primers

What can I say about primers?! I absolutely love a good primer, especially when it makes my skin feel good before applying my foundation onto my skin. I've really wanted to test and try out these specific primers from Benefit Cosmetics, because I love their brow products so so much, I needed to try these primers out.

So first off, we have the Porefessional hydrate primer and we have the Professional pore primer. Both of these primers do different things, which I love. There is something for every skin tone and type, which is great seeing that make up is an all inclusive brand that we need to bring to light for everyone! Don't you agree???

Lets start with the OG of Benefits primers, and that is the pore primer one. This primer I've used time and time again. This primer has served me well when I want my fine lines and pores to be filled in, to make make up application so much smoother and easier. I love the way it feels on the skin, almost like a silicone base that just sinks into the skin.

So this primer is more of a matte primer, which means if you have an oily skin, I would recommend this! It will definitely take away any shine on the face, giving you a matte feel. Also this primer is like a translucent formula that contains vitamin E, known to protect the skin from free radicals, allowing the skin to feel oil free and silky smooth.

This primer serves as a balm for the skin and face to be worn alone, under or over make up. How AMAZING is that??!!!

Next up we have the hydrate primer, which is newer to the Benefit family that we have come custom to. This primer minimises the appearance of your pores and fine lines, but it hydrates the skin. So if you have a more dry or matte type of skin tone and want to put some moisture back into your skin, then this one is for you! This one is also for combo skin , which works just as well!

This is a 12 hour hydration primer, silky smooth formula which instantly moisturises and refreshes the skin which makes your make up stay put and last longer. This primer contains hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration and moisture with added shea butter to smooth out all those fine lines and pores.

With both of these primers, I would say the best way to apply this to the skin is with your fingertips. So gently massage or tap onto the skin so that the product works for you and not the other way round. Till you feel like all the product has seeped into the skin, then you can start with your make up routine and so on.

Both these primers can be worn alone or with make up, depends on how you feel that day, which is something that I love about this brand.

Both these primers can be purchased from Edgars at the Benefit Cosmetics stand or you can purchase them online from Superbalist.

The Benefit Porefessional OG primer is R240.00

The Benefit Hydrate Porefessional Primer is R590.00


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