Skin Care - Ole Henriksen , face primer & eye crème

Face Primer & bright eye crème

I have recently been getting into skin care that works for both myself AND my make up I apply to my face, as I have realised that a lot of skin care products either slip and slide off the face because it doesn't help the make up stay on the face or it just doesn't work....plain and simple.

Ole Henriksen has been a brand I've been watching for a while and I've read up on what they actually do in order to help with your make up regime. I am currently in the UK and decided to pick up the primer and brightening eye crème to test and try out on my skin from a store called Boots { which is like a Dischem }.

So firstly, both of these products smell DEVINE, almost like a citrus / summer time smell.

The Banana Bright Face Primer can be used BEFORE applying your make up, can be mixed into your foundation or can be worn alone. This is a brightening / illuminating primer that gives the skin a sense of glow and radiance. This primer gives the skin a dewy, healthy looking appearance without it looking greasy to the eye. It has really helped my make up game and I can't live without this at the moment.

I am so sad that a brand like this isn't sold in SA, as I feel us beauty junkies would love a skin care brand that lifts our make up game to the next level!

Now for the second product I picked up is the Banana Bright Eye Crème.

What this eye crème promises to do is to brighten up the under eye before applying your make up, to give the area a look of illumination and to deliver yet again that glows look we all want. what I like about this crème is that it really sinks into the fine wrinkles of the skin to fill out any pores and to minimise the appearance of tired looking eyes. It also colour corrects the under eye area and say bye bye to dark circles! =winning in life!!!!

Both these skin care products are really something else and I would recommend this to any person that wants to up their make up or skin game even more.

If you are in the UK or wherever in the world that stocks Ole Henriksen, do yourself a favour and pick these two products up. You can thank me later!!!


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