The battle of liquid liners...

Liquid liners

We all have that one favourite make up it a lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation or brush that we absolutely love and can't get enough of, even if there might be something better on the market.

Well that is where I can help you... with liquid liners in this review post of course. I have tested and tried out FOUR of my very favourite and best liquid liners that work for me and on my clients, that I know won't let me down. Question is??? which one is the very best out of the four?

Let's break it down shall we!


The Too Faced Better Than Sex liquid liner.

This liner is super matte, glides on very easily onto the eyelid and doesn't transfer to the top lid of the eye. The tip of the liner starts of a bit wider and narrows down into a finer tip at the end, giving you precise lines as you wish. The only thing I'm not into, is that sometimes too much liquid comes out of the pen / tip when you press too hard. So be careful when applying this one, as a lot goes a long way.


Kat Von D Tattoo liner.

Really one of my favourites of all time, this liner is waterproof and vegan free. Smudge resistant and the tip of the liner is super fine to create any line / wing you want. If you are a beginner or pro, this liner was made to help out any artist with any skill. Dries down to a matte black finish, shake well before use and apply a little pressure to create a bigger wing if you want to.


Benefit Cosmetics Roller liner.

This liner has a flexible felt tip, which makes it easy to apply any line or wing you want to create. Super black ink, dries down to a matte finish, is water resistant and offers up to 24 hours of wear coverage. The only problem I have with the tip, being so flexible, you have to have control of the pen , otherwise your line / wing will come out rather strange than stunning!

I love testing out different products for my readers and followers and to give the very best feedback I can on any product that I review!


NYX Cosmetics Matte liquid liner.

I think this one has to be my least favourite liner out of the four. Yes it dries down to a matte finish, its super black in pigment and its easy to travel or pop into your bag for travelling. The problem I have with this little product, is that the actual liner / pen is difficult to use and not very friendly for beginners. Dipping into the component the whole time for more product and the brush is very soft, so it will be difficult to get a precise line / wing. This may work for some, but for me I wasn't a fan unfortunately.

So to draw conclusion to the battle of the liquid eye liners, I would have to go with the Kat Von D tattoo liner as the winner! Coming in second will have to be Too Faced Better Than Sex liner, then the Benefit Roller liner and finally the NYX matte liquid liner.

Of course remember, that this is my personal opinion on what worked and didn't work for me and some of these products might have worked better for you.


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