The GlamGlow Glowpowder Infused with Hyaluronic Acid

We all know what GlamGlow is about in the skin and beauty industry. This brand is known for their products like their mask treatments, moisturizers, lip care products and cleanse treatments.

But recently Glamglow has come out with their first beauty highlighter palette - GlowPowder Palette, which is infused with hyaluronic acid that is sooooo AMAZING, as hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that fights fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. So basically this palette is BOTH skincare AND beauty which I love!!! 

Plumping the skin and giving it that all over smooth look that we want, I can really say I am impressed!

Dust the light and medium shade on the high points of the face to give the skin a glowy look and then use the bronzing shade to go over your normal contour with, because this will blur any imperfections that you have on your skin = winning!!!

Suitable for all skin tones this highlighter is definitely a buildable powder that you can build until you are happy with the glow of your skin.

Also another thing that I NEED to mention is the packaging!! Wow wow and WOW!! I have never seen packing on a product like this before, which is a rubber like palette all in pink (a girls dream) with a sturdy mirror as well. Plus I’m a sucker for super good packaging!! So yet again perfect for traveling with or just popping into your handbag.

If you want that glamours / JLo glow, without looking too overdone then this palette is worth the splurge.

I purchased my palette from Woolworths for R650.00

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