TOP PICKS! Mascara edition.

Mascara Edition

Mascaras, mascaras and more mascaras!!! Whether you like drugstore or high end mascaras, we all want that beautiful, full, luscious and va va room lashes! I've chosen my TOP 4 mascaras that I love and that work for me personally. These are also a mix of some high end and drug store mascaras.

1. Maybelline - Total Temptation Mascara: This product has been a staple in my personal make up stash for quiet some time now. I feel with this mascara, the brush is nice and thick, with the bristles coating your lashes from root to tip and also giving you that black lash that we all love. Also super affordable as this is a drugstore mascara.

2. Benefit Cosmetics - Badgal Bang Mascara: So at first this product didn't work for me as I felt the brush itself just didn't work for me personally and I also felt that not a lot of product was on the brush. But as I played a bit more with it, I realised that you actually just have to build it up to how much product you want on your lashes. So with me, I really coated my lashes with this mascara and it WORKED! So a good tip with this one, is to keep on coating your lashes till your desired look.

3. Loreal - Paradise Extatic Mascara: I do really love this mascara a lot. I think I've purchased this one about 3 times now, not only for my personal stash, but for my professional kit as well. What I like about this mascara, is that it comes in waterproof as well which is perfect for any PRO MUA to have in their kits. The brush is nice and thick, giving you that very full and luscious eyelash effect, which is STUNNING!

Whether you love a high end or drugstore mascara, remember to always replace your mascara every 3-4 months for hygiene purposes as this comes in contact with your eyes everyday. You don't want to end up with an eye infection.... eeeewww!!!

4. Too faced - Damn Girl Mascara: Lastly, the too faced mascara, I absolutely LOVE! It's a mascara that I purchased in the UK, but some authentic make up online stores in SA do have these. If you can grab one, I highly recommend this mascara. It lifts, lengthens and gives you that volume look to the eye without having to apply too much product / coating the lashes 100 times! This product has really done well by me and I would repurchase this mascara over and over again.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, whether its a high end or drug store mascara you are looking for, first read up on what you are looking for in a product and then go and purchase it.

It doesn't help that you buy 10 mascaras and within 3 months they have all expired and you need to throw them way.

I hope this post has helped you a little bit on what mascaras are good and that actually work! You can thank me later.


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