Travelling with make up made easier.

Make up travel bag

So you have booked this amazing trip or holiday to a beautiful destination, but worried about luggage space and if everything will fit into your suitcase... not to mention your make up kit or bag, because lets face it...we are all make up junkies and want to look our best on any occasion!

I have some tips and tricks on how you can pack minimalistic with your make up, but still have all your essentials you need.

First tip is to not over pack. I know we love to do this and I'm also one to blame, but guys and girls, we tend to end up bringing stuff back that we haven't even used. Try and look through your make up and see what you actually need, instead of what you just want to pack for the hell of it.

Another tip is try to pack minimalistic, which means just take one or two lipsticks with instead of five or six. Remember everything will take up space, so the more you pack the more space you are using to bring other make up back from your holiday that you want to purchase = you will thank me later for this tip.

A tip and trick I've learnt along the way is to pack make up palettes that are a three in one or a two in one and so on. What I mean by this is that instead of taking a blush compact, bronze compact and highlight compact separate, look for something that has all three in it already.

A perfect example of this is the Benefit Cosmetics Cheekleaders palette, which has all three in the palette already and makes packing g so much easier. Less products are taken with you and you won't end up loosing any make up on your travels.

Try and invest in a good make up bag or case. This is a game changer and will save you so much hassle and stop products from leaking or breaking!!!

Remember less is more. You don't need to take four foundations with you. Tip - Pick a light weight foundation and a full coverage foundation that you love and that will be more than enough for any trip that you go on.

When it comes to brushes, try and take your brushes in a carry bag that rolls up or in case that you can pack in separately in your bag or in your make up bag. This will also help keeping your brushes clean and hygienic.

I've learnt these tips and tricks over the last few years and it really has helped me quiet a bit. I really hope you can take away from what I've written and apply these few tips on your next break away. Its a game changer for sure!!!


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